Between 1999 und 2010 label founders Stefan Betke and Barbara Preisinger created with ~scape a fertile breeding ground for self-contained, self-confident music. With a healthy mix of spontaneous enthusiasm, precision and continuity ~scape endeavours to offer its artists more natural scope for exciting projects and creative excursions. Drawing on their collective experiences as DJs, musician, remixer, mastering engineer, producer, promoter, studio owner and publisher they handpick their artists, bypassing clones of their current label sound in favour of those who create consistent, distinctive and, of course, simply great music. From dub to jazzy electronica to hip-hop, house and beyond – ~scape had remained on the move while staying true to its roots during the founders’ eagle-eyed, loving search for those special talents and unique, fleeting moments between a wide range of musical markers. The swung dash in front of the label’s name provides free space for thought and experiment, styles and ideas.

~scape collaborated with following artists (a.o.):


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stefan betke

stefan betke